Haven House Addiction Treatment

2252 Hillsboro Ave, 90034
Residential, Medically Assisted, Outpatient, Detox
Mi away from you

2252 Hillsboro Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90034, United States of America
  • Insurance Accepted

    Anyone with PPO

  • Psychiatrist Onsite

    Dual diagnosis

  • Medically assisted

    Methadone, Suboxone (Buprenorphine) (Up to medical doctor)

  • MD Onsite

    See providor within 24 of admission

  • Group Therapy


  • 12-Step Program

    Not 12 step based and can incorporate in programming

  • SMART Recovery


  • Patient to Staff Ratio

    2 house / 6 patients 1:1 ratio

  • Average tenur of the front line Staff


  • Treating trauma/PTSD

    Trauma based treatment

  • Grievance Process. Proof.

    Speak with clinical team

  • Determine Conselor/Patient fit

    Clinical question

  • One-on-One Therapy


  • 30-Day Residential


  • Specialities

    Drug, Alcohol