Deciding on the Right Level of Care

           Due to a lack of information, many people afflicted with addiction and their loved ones are unaware of the variety of treatment types that rehab centers offer. These various levels of care, ranging from inpatient, residential care to outpatient rehabilitation or even a specialty program, provide different services and their effectiveness depends on the individual. It’s important to research these programs before committing to one type because the success of your treatment depends on getting the right level of care. With that being said, we are here to help. Below are the benefits and characteristics of the levels of care our vetted treatment centers offer and which might be right for you.

Inpatient Care

Inpatient care entails full-time treatment and 24/7 support. Patients will live at the facility for durations ranging from several weeks to several months receiving around the clock care. Inpatient care typically begins with detoxification, which works to remove the targeted substance from the body. This is known as a difficult part of the rehab process, but is alleviated by the constant care and abundance of specialists that quality inpatient programs offer. In these residential facilities, patients are supported and treated according to their needs depending on the severity of their condition. Medicated Assisted Treatment is often offered to treat those struggling from withdrawal symptoms, but like previously mentioned there are a number of services that can be provided based on necessity. The staff at inpatient facilities ranges from social workers to nurses to physicians, all providing expertise in their fields. Moreover, many of these rehab centers provide patients with a variety of amenities which could include fitness centers, pools, spas, and much more, providing comfort and relaxation during this stressful time. Typically, inpatient care is best suited for those with more serious addictions. The 24/7 care and support helps to prevent relapses and the quality of care while admitted works to prepare you for living sober after treatment.

Outpatient Care

Outpatient rehabilitation is typically less expensive than inpatient care, but does not offer as high a level of support since patients are typically at the facilities for less than 20 hours per week. These facilities also offer detoxification, which tends to be less intensive than that of inpatient facilities. This is likely due to the fact that people seeking outpatient care typically have less severe addictions. Since patients are not living in the facilities, many are able to continue working or going to school during their treatment and can continue their daily lives. Much of the care revolves around education and counseling on sober living, rather than the intensive treatment of inpatient care. With this being said, it is important to understand the severity of your illness before choosing an outpatient option. The success rates of outpatient care are lower than inpatient because the range of services is narrower, but it is a great option for people with less severe addictions. Moreover, outpatient care is a good choice for those who have completed inpatient rehab but still seek the support of medical professionals.

Specialty Programs

Specialty programs can be either residential or outpatient and seek to help those with specific needs in their rehabilitation. These can include programs separated for gender or age for people who would feel better supported in those settings. Men and women can often have different preferences or needs for their rehab so these specialized programs seek to help them in the most suitable way. Additionally, a notable and successful option includes faith-based rehab, which effectively combines quality health care with spiritual healing to treat patients. The combination of medical treatment and faith can be quite powerful in overcoming addiction so this is a popular option for many patients. If you feel that the traditional forms of rehab may not be right for your specific needs, there are plenty of specialized options to choose from and we encourage you to explore all of them on TheFixFix.